Thursday, 27 September 2007

Home Alone

My girlfriend is currently in the LA area for work. It’s a new job as Manager of a L&D Department for a US listed company. She is there to meet some of her overseas colleagues and attend several courses.

Great you’d think. Sadly I must admit that I’m worried… Common guys, wouldn’t you be? First thing that pops in my mind when thinking of LA is not very comforting.

So I gave her some instructions when she left.

    1. Text me when you arrive (I think that is were it all started to go wrong…

    2. Have fun (awww, yeah I’m a nice guy)

    3. Stay away from the most dangerous people in the LA.

She arrived at LA Airport (texted me ^^, instruction nr 1. met - check the box) were a rental was ready for her to drive to her hotel. Now I know for a fact she is a good driver, but the thing is I’m not so sure about the Americans in their big cars.

Would you not see that huge yellow bus? What was the driver thinking in that Hummer.

However, good thing is that so far she is enjoying herself. I am happy for her. I am also happy she is back with me in 51 hours 24 minutes and 12 seconds.

Bisou ma cherie.

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