Thursday, 26 June 2008

Anonymous reference checking

After reading an article by The Whisperer I got interested.. ever wanted to ask someone about their salary, but wasn't sure whether it would be appropriate? Or feeling you'd want to do a reference check on your future employer's work ethics, treatment of work life balance etc.? This site is for you!

Be aware though that you give away personal information, which may never be used as you expected. For those that are uncomfortable with that I would recommend not to use the site and find other means of reference checking.

As it is anonymous some care may need to be taken with the correctness of the information on the site. The user review questionnaire is quite rigid and therefore as any anonymous questionnaire it allows for rigging. The user giving a review of an employer has to rank their (former) employer on several categories on a scale of 1 to 5. Additionally, he/she has to fill in several text fields with Pro's, con's etc. After registering and browsing it I found it provided me with quite some information. Especially for bigger US corporations it showed a significant number of reviews. Enough to form a solid image of the employer and salary levels. Smaller corporations may be harder to find. I found general industry search on comparable companies resulted in some decent information on expected salary levels.

Considering the site only just started and is in it beta I give it a "thumbs up".

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