Sunday, 17 August 2008

Massively Pre-NDA look at the Elves of WAR

While many WAR Beta bloggers are waiting for the NDA (Non-disclosure agreement) to drop to be able to hit the fans with juicy information on the upcoming WAR game. It is the game site Massively which has the scoop on pre-NDA information, being allowed to write about BETA information while others are not yet allowed. Reactions to the lasting NDA differ from blogger to blogger.

Syp over at Waaagh Blog goes as far as "treathening" Mythic with hostage actions! Keen over at KeenandGraev is preparing for the NDA drop and is gathering footage on WAR BETA in amounts and quality that will us take a sicky. Tobold remains his calm self (?), although from the increase in WAR topics and responses in comments it is crystal clear also he is awaiting the "go" from Mythic.

All things considered I wonder whether the Massively exclusive is part of the reason the NDA has not yet been lifted by Mythic. What other reasons can there be? Join me in musing other reasons besides boosting Massively's site traffic?

For those interested in reading the pieces written by Kyle Horner and Dan O'Halloran at Massively read on. Kyle and Dan released a number short articles on several of the playable Elf classes in WAR. The articles give an idea of the first few levels of the character, what abilities they have and how they can be used.

Myself, well I am still in doubt between the pure Dark Elf caster (Sorcerer) or one of the Healer-casters (Archmage/Shaman). Regardless of the final choice I'll take my time discovering the game once released in about 1 month.

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