Saturday, 16 August 2008


While in Paris for a language course (a topic for another post) I visited FNAC (great store concept) as I most often do when there. At the bande dessinée section I found a WoW BD (comic): WaoW - 1. Les Crèvemines.

Those who play WOW will find great fun in the story. I lol-ed and rofl-ed quite a bit. I played the english version and as such am not familiar with all french names and references to ingame NPC's, locations, Quests, Dungeons etc. depicted in the BD. However they where drawn and situated in such a manner that even a 1 week newb (no pun intended) will recognise quite a few.

The story unfolds .. well like a newb starting off for the first time. The reader follows the story of the experienced character Badorin, who has received the Quest to take care for the young newb Darkill. They set out in Razemoth (Azeroth) to level up young Darkill and find him an instance (dungeon) to XP in. Overconfident and eager to gain XP Darkill finds his first death at level 2 against a neutral NPC he wildly charges. His first graveyard experience is very recognisable for those that played WOW as their first MMORPG (lol!). Skipping several DINGS of Darkill by courier Quests Badorin uses a walky talky to request quests available for level 10 to everybody in the zone (cleverly found way of explaining general chat). As you may already expect their journey brings them to Westfall and Sentinel Hill, where they que up (lol!) to receive the Quest chain to kill Devias scum. It all goes horribly wrong when the two find a group to enter Les Crèvemines (The Deadmines) and face the final boss.

A scene from within Stormwind:
a group of xp hungry players running to the Stockades


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